Hello everyone,

I will be re-opening this event in April. However, I need your feedback!

Would you like to continue with a chosen monthly theme?


Would you like to have a narrowed monthly theme? Narrowed would mean that I provide a tutorial for one aspect off cc creating ( eyes, skin, paintings, clothing, ect. ) and we focus the theme on that one type of cc. This type of event would help encourage more people to participate and try and make cc. I would need help though! If we do this sort of thing, I would need collaborators to help provide the tutorial and maybe a participation gift, as well. If you decided to collaborate with me on this event, you would not have to do so again each time there is an event.

Events will be bi-monthly.

Also, please start sending me theme suggestions. If you happen to speak a different language, please help spread the word so that everyone can join in. ♥  


This month was suppose to feature kids stuff but I’ve decided to take a small hiatus while I get things together for the Halloween Event. I will have everyone’s participation gift for last month sent out very, very soon. Thank you all for participating and I hope to have everything back on track in October!

What is a Monthly Theme Event?
It’s an event that occurs every month where sim players on tumblr contribute custom content based on a theme.
 How can I participate?
You create something to share for the Sims 3 using the monthly theme for inspiration. When your creation is ready, make a post on your tumblr blog with a preview picture and working download link. Make sure to tag ‘AUGUST2013 Fairy Tale’ and when I see your contribution, I will reblog your post and send you the download link for this months participation gift.
What can I create?
You can create a sim, lot, CAS stuff, Build/Buy stuff, retextures, edits, patterns, and poses.
It’s not fair, I’m not good at creating!
I’m sure that’s not true. Anything you put effort in is sure to be an excellent contribution. Each monthly event is for fun and even if you don’t participate and get a participation prize, there are sure to be other gifts from many contributors around tumblr.
What is the participation gift?
This is a gift I ( or a donator ) creates to share with participants only.
Why are participation gifts not public?
In order to encourage people to contribute I decided to offer a small something exclusively for participants. Most events, whether online or offline, offer free items when you join in. 
Can I share my participation gift?
I would prefer you not as it’s suppose to be something fun to encourage sim players on tumblr to join in and share. However, I honestly can’t stop you. If you must share, share privately with your friends and encourage them to join in the following month.
What is a donator?
A donator is someone who contributes the participation gift. I would really appreciate donators. Send me a message to let me know that you’re available to make a donation. When I need a donator, I will message you a week before the next theme. The participation gift can be something small so don’t stress about having a week to make it.
Can we suggest themes?
Absolutely! My main tumblr is Dollfiesims so all messages will go directly to me. 
How do we choose a theme?
I will make a poll for each suggested theme. If there is a tie I will enter the names in a randomizer and select the one that shows first. If there are no suggestions, I will select a theme at random.
What are suggestions?
After a couple of days I will compile a list of things you can create that correspond with the theme. This gives you the opportunity to create something on your own or, if you’re lacking inspiration, create something suggested.